"Hi Gil! Fantastic site! I refer all my piano students here. I appreciate the fact that you post music that they love, which in turn inspires them to practice more! Thank you! :)"
  --Zita Jefferson, Piano Teacher, Portland, OR
  Piano Lessons with Teacher Zita

"Free Piano Music! has provided extra fun music for my piano students and also helps to fill in the method books with other material as needed. I really appreciate this site and have used it frequently for several years for entertaining pieces, Christmas music, and easy classics."
  --Karen Hesterly, Piano Teacher, Weslaco, Texas

"Great website! I teach guitar, piano, and voice. I am starting to teach through the internet via Skype. Gilbert, your website is great! My students go to it!"
  --Tyler Miro, Piano, Guitar and Voice Teacher, Boca Raton, FL

"Your music has become the basis for my beginning students. They love being able to choose from songs they know, and I love the way it motivates them. Thanks so much for the website!"
  --Abigail Poirier, Piano and Violin Teacher, Fernandina Beach, FL
  Poirier Studio of Music

"I am a piano teacher at a local community college and at home. I just want to thank you for your site that offers so much for teachers and students. And how did I find your site?..... from a student at the college. (And we all know that we learn from our students!) So, thanks again. I will be on this site each and every day!!"
  --Virginia Pritchard, Piano Teacher, Hemet, CA
  Mt. San Jacinto College

"My piano students love your Sonatina Piccolina. I use the opportunity to teach them Sonata Form and explain to them how your Sonatina is written. I haven't had a student yet who didn't gobble the piece up! I think they are excited that they are playing what they consider an advanced form of piano music..."
  --Carolyn Howard, Piano Teacher, Evansville, IN

"As a teacher I especially like the listening resources - there is also a very good range of music for my students from other countries - Indian, Polish, Phillipino etc - excellent site."
  --Karen Newby, Piano Teacher, Dartford Kent, England

"You're my best friend on a daily basis! I teach piano and both in my home studio and the one college class I'm constantly asking for your help! Thank you many times..."
  --Elizabeth MacDougall, Piano Teacher/Professor, Mill View Terrace, CA
  Mendocino College

"You're website is AWESOME!. . . I love your work. I love the videos. . . that young lady playing Sakura is GREAT! I teach at COMPAS (Center of Music and Performing Arts Southwest) in Detroit and your free music has been most useful."
  --Rubi Martinez-Bernat, Piano Teacher, Detroit, MI
  Center of Music and Performing Arts Southwest (COMPAS)

"Love this site. I use it for my college piano classes."
  --Helen Smoot, Professor of Piano, Cerro Coso College, Lake Isabella, CA

"I have a music and dance academy in Round Rock, Texas, and I just want to extend my appreciation for all your work. Our students love your arrangements."
  --Wilson Dean Kline, Round Rock, Texas
  American Academy of Music and Dance

"Thanks so much for this music. I use it to supplement my students who are in a group keyboard method. The kids love having these familiar songs to play at Christmas and in the summer to supplement their regular series!"
  --Susan Coleman Wiley, Piano Teacher, Salem, Oregon
  Salem Music Discovery Center

"What a wonderful difference you are making for pianists and teachers. I have been teaching for over 30 yrs and just found your free music available. Giving a lesson tomorrow and needed some music for 2 little girls. I am greatful for the free music. God Bless."
  --Audrey Hunt, Voice and Piano Teacher, Nashville, Tennessee

"Found the site & think it's great. It has been so helpful for me here in Australia. Glad to be part of the FaceBook page now also. :-) "
  --Julie Davies, Piano Teacher, Sidney, Australia

"I am a classical pianist graduated from Russia. I found your website and I like it very much... Your explanation about theory is very understandable. Thank you very much."
  --Alma Maghakyan, Piano Teacher, San Antonio, TX

"I'm so happy to see your facebook page. I've been a fan of your website for MANY years. You have and continue to provide invaluable resources to help me in teaching my piano students! Kuddos to you, Gilbert DeBenedetti, for being so generous!"
  --Margaret Larkin Johnson, Piano Teacher, Plano, TX.

"I am very enthusiastic about this website. I teach both guitar and piano students, and have begun mentoring my high school age son with private teaching. I cannot tell you how many students have flourished with using this material with first time students, pupil savers, and also helping transfer students when I need to fill in the gaps."
  --Patti Kolk, Piano Teacher, Cleveland, Ohio

"I just wanted to say thankyou for the free music. This evening, one of my pupils who has serious health problems and learning difficulties was SO happy to be able to play 'Für Elise' level one. Her face lit up at being able to sightread it so easily and she wants to play it for the end of term concert! She has got 'stuck' on level 3 so I'm using your pieces to keep her going! The French nursery rhymes are a real hit with all the younger pupils. Keep the site going, it's great. Thankyou again."
  --Rachel Hufschmitt, Piano Teacher, Alsace, France

"This is an awesome site. For several years I have found this site to be beneficial to me as a teacher, and also to my students. I look forward to visiting this site weekly. Thanks Mr. DeBenedetti."
  --Kymbrelli Thompson, Piano Teacher, Charlotte, NC

"This site is extremely helpful for kids. They need different materials once in a while to change things up or for bonus material. I also use this site for additional pieces that are familiar to help with note reading. It has been very useful!
  --Kris Latcham, Piano Teacher, Paynesville, Minnesota
  Eden Valley-Watkins Community Education

"...this is my second visit. It has helped me very much and more then that, it is free! I teach elementary music at a small Christian school and parents pay a tuition then pay extra if their child wants piano or voice lessons. It's nice to be able to give them music and have to charge them more! So thank you!"
  --Mrs. Linda Paoli, Piano Teacher and Elementary Music Teacher, Clovis, CA

"This has been an excellent tool in my teaching. It gives the students other songs to learn other than the basics in their lesson books. Keep up the Excellent work."
  --Sally Silverthorn, Piano Teacher, Houston, Texas

"Thank you for the various National Anthems from different countries. In honor of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, I've been teaching them to my students...including "O Canada!" So, THANK YOU!!!"
  --Jenny Weeks Lowe, Piano Teacher, Walbridge, Ohio

"Thank you so much! your website is what made me love piano! i hated how boring everything in my book was. then i found your website not long after i started.. about 2 years ago. I started out in primer and have played everything through level 4 and am working on the intermediate 1 and 2 right now. Thank you so so so much!"
  --Hannah, piano student, Louisiana

"This is such a wonderful site, and it works extremely well for my students. both children and adults. Thank you!"
  --Shari Clarke, Piano Teacher, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"Gracias, sinceramente, es un honor para mí.. un abrazo de todo corazón. besos"
  --Aurora Escales Aranaz, Piano Teacher, Irún, Spain, responding to a
   link to her performance of a piece from Free Piano Music!

"I am so grateful that, in this busy world in which we live, there are still individuals who take a moment (or many moments, in this case) to share their time and talent with others so freely.
Thank you, Gilbert! My children are learning so much from their teachers in their first year of piano, and your resources have helped me supplement this process greatly--and on their individual levels."
  --Evelyn Mautner, parent of piano students, Harrisburg, PA

"Bonjour tout le monde :)
J'ai 38 ans et je viens de débuter le piano. J'ai des bases de solfège et déjà tapoté sur un piano. Les partitions de Gilbert m'ont permise de bien placer mes doigts et d'apprendre à mon rythme. Cela fait deux jours que je suis dessus et je connais 3 morceaux de niveau 1 et 2. Alors Gilbert BRAVO et surtout ne t'arrêtes pas..."
  --Christine Trébuchet

"Gilbert's site is one of the very few Free Piano Music sites on the web and he is doing a great service by providing simple piano arrangements that even the beginner student can play with ease. Thank you so much Gilbert, for all the trouble you have taken to bring the joy of music into so many people's lives."
  --Prochy Master, Mumbai, India
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