image of Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1756 to 1791

His life
With his sister Nannerl, Wofgang Amadeus Mozart learned music from his father, Leopold. His father also took him to Italy to learn from some of the best known composers of the time, and to France to perform in front of the King and Queen.

Unfortunately, Mozart was not able to take advantage of these exceptional experiences, and he never was able to get a permanent position with a wealthy patron or a church.

Instead he was forced to promote himself with his own concerts which often featured him playing as a soloist in his piano concertos, and to give lessons. This was not an easy life at the time and he often had trouble making ends meet.

Mozart died young and his last composition was a mass for the dead, a Requiem. He never knew who was paying him for this major work, but legend has it that Mozart believed he was writing the Requiem for his own funeral.

His Works
Mozart is remembered for his operas (listen to "La ci darem la mano" from Don Giovanni), his Symphonies (listen to the beginning of his 40th symphony in G minor ), his many piano sonatas, and his Requiem.

You can download this music by Mozart and his father, Leopold:
Eine kleine Nachtmusik, in Level Two
Minuet, probably written for
young Wolfgang and Nannerl

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