HARMONIC EXPANSIONS: Watch your harmonies grow!

images Introduction
  Why were these pages created?
  What is in them?
  When can students make use of them?

Detailed Table of Contents
  Page by page topics and links.

Index of Terms
  Vocabulary in these pages and
    from the Fundamentals Worksheets.

images Chapter One, The Fundamental Harmonic Progression
  Expanding the primordial tonic and creating the dominant
images Chapter Two, Nonharmonic Tones
  When notes just don't seem to fit in

images Chapter Three, 6/4 Linear expansions
  6/4's: Are they chords or melodic decorations?

images Chapter Four, Inserting pre-dominants and the circle progression
  A journey around the circle of fifths

images Chapter Five, More tonic expansions
  Other chord vs melodic decoration puzzles

images Chapter Six, Cadences and Periods
  A question, a pause ...and then an answer