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I have been using your fantastic music theory sheets and PDF downloads to teach high school piano theory to 28 students per class, all of whom are at different levels of study and accomplishment. Your method is comprehensive and easily accessible to students of all ages. What a great philanthropist and talented musician you are and it is indeed a pleasure to have discovered that I can thank you (in person) on Facebook ... Thanks again for all you do for music education. Iras L. Roback, Orchestra Director, Venice High School, Venice, Florida

I am excited about the way my students have received this material. I have observed an improvement in the sight-reading of several of them, along with a more complete understanding of what their music is actually saying and doing. Your material is more comprehensive, yet easier to understand, than any other source I have found in almost 50 years of teaching. My passion is theory, harmony and composition, and you have provided an excellent tool.

Joyce T. Smith

Hi, I am a High School teacher in California and I found your Theory Website. It is FANTASTIC! This is the first year that we are offering Theory and I have not been able to find a book that I have been very happy with. Most of my students are beginners . I love this! Have you considered publishing this? If it is, may I order some books for my school? Let me know. Congratulations and thanks. Terri Ridilla